“New England Skies” Artworks by Daryl D. Johnson on show at the Amherst Town Library

Amherst Citizen

Amherst, NH
September 2019
Volume 28 — Number 1




“Vibrant Vistas”

New Hampshire Home
May/June 2019






“April Artist of the Month”

“Johnson’s ‘Islands & Tidelands’ will be on view at the ArtHub””

Nashua Telegraph
Nashua, NH
March 14, 2019

“Shifting water patterns and rising transient clouds reflect nature’s energy in my oil paintings.” — Daryl D. Johnson



“Passing By”

“Artist paints landscapes from a moving perspective”

New Hampshire
January 10, 2019

“New Hampshire Landscapes in Motion” Solo Show
NH Art Association Gallery
Concord, NH

“Nature has a certain flexibility. There’s a balance between serenity and energy. I’m just one human being watching this incredible phenomenon trying to tell that story on canvas.” — Daryl D. Johnson

The People’s Book NH

A Collection of NH’s Best Writers and Artists


Published by The People’s Poetry NH

2 Paintings and a Poem Published



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NH Made

Daryl D. Johnson Profile on NH Made




“Great Art is Always Memorable”

“Mayor’s Office Artist of the Month Daryl D. Johnson Offers Insight”

Nashua Telegraph
Nashua, NH
April 26, 2018

Interview with Daryl D. Johnson

“There is energy in nature all around us. My work is approachable because it displays familiar views, but the subtext is chi, the energy of the skies, clouds and landscape views.” — Daryl D. Johnson

“Daryl D. Johnson — Motorcycles, Movement and Mastery”

The Weirs Times
March 29, 2018

“You might imagine riding along the countryside, viewing beautiful vista after vista. With the mind of a creative, Daryl creates a finely executed paintings of those many images in one piece. Not since the Surrealists played with collage have I seen such a presentation of multiple views. It does not disappoint.” — Kimberly J. B. Smith



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NH Made

Daryl D. Johnson Profile on NH Made





Women and Motorcycling

“A collection of stories written by women who ride motorcycles”

By Susie Hollern
Cortland Press, Cortland, NY

“As a full-time painter, one’s artwork is bound to change over time, but I experienced a profound shift in artistic vision after our long bike trip through Nova Scotia and New England. I had been painting still lifes of flowers with bold compositions, yet they were very decorative. After touring on the bike for thousands of miles, I felt I had a huge movie in my head of what the landscape looks like at that speed and with changeable vistas. I was compelled to paint landscapes.” — Daryl D. Johnson