How to Commission a Daryl D. Johnson Original

Want to make your spaces visually sing with excitement?

Commission an Original Oil Painting

It is exhilarating to commission an original artwork that showcases a public space or a private residence. Just the right size to command attention and colors that are in harmony with the light and space.

Let’s begin!


  1. Have a discussion about size requirements, colors and subject matter.
  2. Can we tour the space, share pictures of the space where the painting will hang?
  3. Please share with me your overall view of what you have in mind.

Outline of the Commission Contract:

  1. An Introduction that details the specific work that is being commissioned. This Artwork Proposal provides specifications and might include a sketch or example of similar work. List of Materials to be used.
  2. A Timeline including Check-in Points to make sure the painting is inline with the vision of the commissioner.
  3. Payment Terms & Schedule.
  4. Rights that define who owns the work.

It’s fun and exciting to Commission!

Contact me.