Sketchbook Notes

Sketchbook Notes While my husband drives I like to sit in front and draw the quickly changing landscape views from the road. Obviously, these are fast sketches with a pencil. The pages posted here were drawn mostly during travels throughout New England where I lived 40 [...]

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When a Sketchbook is a Love Letter

I'm participating in The Sketchbook Project run by the Brooklyn Art Library in my birthplace, New York City. Artists purchase a sketchbook from them, use any medium, then register and submit their sketchbook to this Global Art Library. "We are more than just a project. We are [...]

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Looking at Brushstrokes

Brushstrokes: Footprints to Understanding Wondering what the brushwork that provides the texture, direction, depth of paint, etc. on a canvas surface can help tell the story of a piece. Artists have a lot of tools to use: color, composition, subject matter, perspective... The brush can leave an expressive [...]

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