Random thoughts on showing my work and receiving reactions.

When people see my paintings in person their eyes get bigger and bigger and most often they smile. Sometimes I see them up on their toes. They must be reacting to the “uplifting” motion of the compositions.

They sometimes start tracing “swooping” motions in the air with their arms and hands. They tell me about a recent cloud formation they experienced or some spectacle in the sky on vacation out West or in the tropics.

“The Dome” 20 x 30″ Oils on canvas

Sometimes people send me photos of clouds they have taken – they send them by email. With permission, I have sometimes painted from these submissions.

Yesterday a fellow artist said my paintings “glow”.

When I asked on FaceBook for “juicy words” that describe my paintings the most common responses were “uplifting”, “ethereal”, and “luminous”.

The vast land/sea/shore/cloud-scapes without any person or animals in them don’t look lonely to me. The clouds seem so alive and the earth appears to “breathe” with arching horizons.

When people see my art in person I want them to notice, to feel:

  • the movement and overall sweeping effect of the scene
  • to notice that light & space can create a calm and at the same time a sense of foreboding future ahead…or did something just pass?
  • to feel intimate with the natural scene and at the same time an awe for the grandeur of nature
  • the earth is breathing with a vibration of Chi, energy with which they can connect
  • the painting carries the viewer to a place of higher thinking & feeling
  • mindfulness