During my junior year of college I had a super serious brain operation in Montreal. I brought my sketchbooks and Rapidograph pens and ink to the hospital for the multi-weeks’ stay. In the hospital library was a book on butterflies. I drew and drew from that book. The hours were endless.

Of course the metaphor arose of a butterfly “metamorphosis” after the successful operation.

I made several paintings for my Butterflies Solo Show from those sketchbooks held during my senior year.

My college catalog said that “Fine Art Majors will have an art show their senior year”. I interpreted that to be a Solo Show. I worked the fours years towards that show. Choosing a theme, finishing paintings, arranging a gallery space in the college library, sent out press releases, made posters, created and distributed invitations, hosted an opening with refreshments. Towards the end of Senior Year I realized the official Fine Art Majors Show consisted of two pieces from each artist in a show arranged by the professors.

Taking that Solo Show initiative speaks volumes about my approach to life.

We honored Dr. Jules Hardy, who saved my life, with my son’s middle name, “Hardy”. ( pronounce that in a very uplifting French way!)